How To Start a Business Without Losing Your Shirt eCourse

Let's Get Started: This module is divided into 5 sections and the worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet. Watch the video and then complete the the worksheet for each sub-module. Working through each section before moving to the next section will make it easier than trying to do it all at once.

In Module 3A you will start by estimating your annual personal expenses. This is the amount of money the business will need to make to cover your living expenses.


In Module 3B you will estimate your annual business expenses.


Module 3c helps you estimate the total funds needed to establish the business.


Module 3D looks at where you are going to get the funding you need to start your business and estimates the repayments required along with the interest cost.


The final step outlined in Module 3e is to calculate the sales you need to make to cover your personal expenses, your business expenses and your loan repayments.


  • Module 3 Worksheet - Your Finances
    Module 3 Worksheet - Your Finances

    In this worksheet you will start by estimating your personal expenses as the business needs to make this amount of money just to meet your living requirements. Then you will estimate your business expenses. This may require some research as discussed in the video. Next, you will estimate the funds you will need to establish the business and then consider from where you will obtain those funds. The final step is to estimate the sales the business will need to make to be financially viable. This is a vital part of the process. Take your time and make your estimates as accurate as possible.